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Russia Consulate Houston, TX Information



1333 West Loop South
Suite 1300
Houston, TX 77027


Contact Info:

Tel: (713) 337-3300
Fax: (713) 337-3305



Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas


The Russia Consulate in Houston provides Russian nationals and U.S. citizens or foreign nationals residing in the U.S. with passport and visa services. The Russia Consulate in Houston no longer allows applications to be lodged by mail. For applicants who reside in the state listed above, Russia visa applications must be provided to the Russia Consulate either via a third party Russia visa expediting firm (Russia Visa Service) or in person at the Russia Consulate in Houston.

Russia Embassy Visa Services
To obtain Russia visas through the Russia Consulate office in Houston, applicants are encouraged to process visa documents through a Russia visa processing company. These companies work with the Russia Consulate in Houston frequently and can provide you the best possible service.

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Consulate of Russia
The Russia Consulate office in Houston may only assist travelers in person. The Russia Consulate office in Houston will not accept applications by mail and no return mail service is available from the Consulate office in Houston. For addition questions regarding the Consulate office in Houston or any services provided by the Russia Consulate office in Houston, please visit the Russia Embassies web site for details. This site provides information regarding the Russia Embassy and the Russia Consulates in relation to Russia visa services. Visa related questions may be answered by calling 1-866-487-3279. Thank you for visiting our Russia Consulate office in Houston information page.


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